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We understand the challenges presented with managing storm weather, large crews and trucking, debris disposal, as well as environmental concerns and administrative requirements. Our fully integrated team of expert trucking and logistics, construction managers, program controls, document management and contract compliance professionals deliver thousands of program milestones on schedule and within budget.

Our past performance in road and site construction, trucking and international and domestic operations and compliance combined with our experience in large Program (PMO) and FEMA funded Disaster Recovery and Rebuilding, gives us a competitive edge.  In partnership with the prime, the GCI team assists with developing and implementing the methodology for successfully monitoring safety, eligibility of debris, regulatory compliance.

GCI provides leadership, facilitation, and technical support for the implement of debris monitoring management plans in three key areas: Safety and risk management, logistics and trucking oversight, contract and regulatory compliance.


Our construction crews and supervisors are OSHA 10 & 30 certified and proactively assess and manage:

·         Health & Safety (Environmental and trained Emergency Hazmat)

·         Public Safety (Traffic Control, flagging and assessing hazards at loading and disposal sites)

·         Personnel and Crew (Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


·         Maximize productivity by planning and communicating routes to truckers for debris loading staging and unloading sites;

·         Develop, implement and oversee Standard Operating Procedures for certifying and recertifying trucks.

·         FHWA. TXDOT and local jurisdiction regulatory compliance



             Successful project delivery requires establishing milestones and delivery    

             methodology in the planning stage.  GCI successfully delivers results by:

·         Incorporating stakeholder input in project plans;

·         Establishing milestones and reporting on planned and actual dates;

·         Implementation and coordination with Reporting on milestones to Executive teams and key        stakeholder in client preferred reporting formats and through public web based portals;

·         Baseline and cost loaded schedules.

·         Incorporate before and after pictures and upload to relevant reports;

·         Develop, manage and QA/QC Documentation and log of damages during debris monitoring;

·         Maintain records of program costs, personnel, equipment, daily reports and logs for three (3) years.

Since the Load ticket serves as pay item, GCI realizes the importance of accurate and        comprehensive reporting for large volume debris recovery and implements ADMS via a robust and comprehensive system such as TicketWatch. The Field Supervisors coordinate with the Project controls team to accurately:

·         Record Truck Unit Automatically by scanning truck for live data recording;

·         Populates data to generate an automatic Load Ticket to reduce manual entry/handwritten errors;

·         Utilizes GPS for locating truck locations and deliveries;

·         Automatic reporting and uploading of Load Tickets eliminates errors of disposal location;

·         Utilize TicketWatch Microsoft Access to upload to web based maps and reports of debris removal by quadrants of the City;

·         Upload TicketWatch to QuickBooks for Cost recovery and reconciling costs.

Document management via electronic file system by our trained FEMA, SRIA and PA policy and guideline project controls team.