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GCI Solutions, based in the Greater Houston Area; is a minority owned Construction, Project Management, and Consulting Service provider for both public, and commercial entities. We self-perform horizontal construction services leveraging over 20 years of expertise, and project management skills to provide excellent quality in the three key components of project management:

SCOPE- The specifications, and risk management of a project. Safety, and compliance is first and foremost; a successful workplace ia a safe workplace. GCI not only focuses on the knowns, but the important unknowns to ensure a quality delivery of the overall vision of your project.

SCHEDULE- The timing, and planning that best fits the projects scope, and needs. Not only is it important for us to create a schedule with our clients that factors all moving parts of a project; but it is even more important that we factor in the risks and surrounding communities of our projects.

BUDGET- The alloted monies for a project. The scope, and schedule are carefully examined by GCI with the budget ALWAYS in mind. We pride ourselves on providing the best material, resources, and personnel for the best price that fits within your project's budget. 

GCI Ranked #1 in the City of Houston's

Small Contractor Rotation Program

By Public Works

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